This section is about me but it's about you, too. I'm flexible in what photoshoots offer. Tell me what you're wanting, if it's just digital images for online distribution and emailing ...or if you're interested in prints. I love prints! Most of my work is 9x12 magazine size, 18x24, or poster size. Occasionally, I will do 8x10s, which are the preferred size for actor headshots and bands. I highly suggest all models should be buying high quality 9x12 prints for their portfolios. It's the industry standard. Although, I am flexible on sizes for specific use you may need produced.

If you print with me, photos you choose can be printed museum gallery quality on archival papers. It is imperative I retain the quality-control of my work. So, if you are interested in prints -I strongly suggest you buy some of your favorites. And if you are a model, I suggest you want to buy more than one copy of each of each favorite you choose. If you're showing and sending out your book like you should, your portfolio gets worn. So, take this into account. All models need to have a printed book, -and more than one book so each represents a body of work and style that is particular to the work they're seeking.

I love when girls can bring clothing pieces and also other things that mean something to them. If it's something you own, and you love, bring it and I'll try to incorporate it into the shoot. And even with nudes, it's not how many moods or lighting styles we do. Every girl should have a variety to maximize our time together. I have a background as an art director for female fashion, style marketing, set design and producing fashion shows. Girls are often thrilled when I mix and match wardrobe and props the way I do. And it's something I love doing.

I know you want to look the best you have ever looked. I want you to look the best you have ever looked. Yes; I have the skill, knowledge and experience and all that stuff. You just need to prepare and pretty yourself up and show up ready for fun. Just know: I get pretty gosh darn silly, at times. So, prepare and be ready 5 days before your shoot and when you show up, -get ready for a silly and fun experience!

~You don't have to be a model to look like one.
-Girls, keep going for glamour!

Photographer in Austin