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It's 2014, the last week of February. Here you will find a select collection of women I have photographed. Commercial models & model development portfolio clients will be soon be viewable here. Over my career, it's been like about a ba-jillion girls I've photographed and I really want to keep final galleries down to about 10-25 of the best, most kick ass lovely shots per session. So, girls -bring your A game ON. And if we shot together and you are in love with a photo that I didn't choose ..I want to hear from you. And if you are a girl who we made some great images and we haven't talked in some time, ..I totally understand that-you get busy ...I get busy, too. Just because I haven't called you, doesn't mean I don't wanna see you. You know when we work well together, -that should be repeated! And you should know I just get so busy that if you contact me, I'd love if you do- ...find me.

I am also considering making this site available to viewers as a way to contact and hire models. Or people to just see how good all of you girls are in front of the camera. And if you are a new model needing to learn posing techniques and have photos showing the model you can become ...please contact me for a pre-shoot meeting or consultation.

A photoshoot with me starts with a little talk. And as we're goofing off I'm going to be starting with a few warm up photos and soon, you'll be having so much fun that even if this is your first time trying out for a professional shooter, we will make some great images. My goal is always for everyone involved to have a great time, work hard and have fun making things happen. I try my hardest to make my shoots as carefree as possible. I am a problem solver, and I will direct you and show you as we're shooting how to make better photos. And I'm happiest when you understand this and I'm always giving you my best. And know, when we're having a good time, then great photos will happen. It's great to have looks and concepts planned but just like comedy, it's a matter of timing and story and circumstance. And sometimes, that is something you don't know until the moment is so real that it is happening in slow motion. Performers, athletes and artists experience it. It's "being in the zone" -that time before the ball hits the bat, the cup hits the floor, together the model and photographer are timeless and in tune, So quick, yet so slow, and then ..snap!
-Girls, I urge you: Keep Going for Glamour.. Until next time, or even if we've never yet met, make the most of your life. And be well.

**New Policy**
All commercial photoshoots require a 50% non-refundable retainer be put up at the time of booking.*


Here is a slideshow of a few of my most momorable moments in model photography ...warning there is nudity in the following slideshow. ~ Slideshow ~

Main Entrance
- model photography portfolios -